child with autism

A collaborative approach to autism research

Staff and researchers at McMaster Children’s Hospital (MCH), McMaster University and Hamilton Health Sciences have come together to form the McMaster Autism Research Team (MacART) to explore how to improve the delivery of care and services for kids with autism and their families. Following the launch of the new Ontario Autism Program, MacART has begun […]

HHS researchers discover a simple blood test could save lives after surgery

Researchers at Hamilton Health Sciences’ Population Health Research Institute (PHRI) and McMaster University have determined that a simple blood test can predict and possibly prevent many of the deaths that occur after surgery. The “VISION” study enrolled nearly 22,000 patients aged 45 years or older from 23 hospitals in 13 countries and found that approximately […]

Finding a CURE: engaging students to improve research

Increasing research capacity without compromising care Building a culture where research is intertwined with daily clinical activities requires improvements in efficiency as well as innovation. Research activities cannot compromise clinical care or limit the number of patients a team can support. In search of a productive marriage between the two, Mandy Rickard, a pediatric nurse […]

Research confirms laughter is the best medicine

Doctors at Hamilton Health Sciences (HHS) finally have scientific proof behind the age-old adage that laughter is the best medicine. To confirm their theory, researchers added complimentary therapies like funny faces, joke books, and silly songs to traditional patient treatment plans. The multi-year study was conducted at HHS hospitals across Hamilton and concluded that the […]

Foundation gala supports innovative research

Hamilton Health Sciences is one of the 25 most influential research communities in the world, and is ranked fourth out of Canada’s top 40 research hospitals. Hamilton Health Sciences Foundation is able to support the leading-edge research conducted at Hamilton Health Sciences thanks to the generosity of donors, fundraisers and event sponsors. On March 4, […]

Stopping sepsis in its tracks through research & innovation

Sepsis is a deadly infection complication that, left untreated, can be fatal. Clinicians and researchers at Hamilton Health Sciences (HHS) are tackling this deadly condition through unique new research and technology that has already shown results in minimizing sepsis rates in our hospitals and, in some cases, saving lives. Dr. Alison Fox-Robicheaud, critical care physician […]

BLOG: Health research in Hamilton – improving lives, today

By: Katie Porter, Director of Research Administration, Hamilton Health Sciences “And what do you do at Hamilton Health Sciences?” the woman at the Juravinski Cancer Centre asked politely, pointing at my ID badge. I launched into my usual response – I’m a health care administrator, I support the research mandate at HHS, etc., while she nodded.  […]

Research, Innovation & Learning

Our goal is to lead in research, innovation and learning for the benefit of our community and the world. Drivers Align research efforts to address HHS priorities Foster a culture of evidence informed care Create excellent learning environments with our academic partners Download our Strategic Plan at a Glance Download Stories of Best Care in […]

#HHSResearch: HHS & McMaster researchers find “simple” methods to prevent heart attack & stroke

Three simple methods to prevent heart attack and stroke have been proven by an international team led by Hamilton Health Sciences (HHS) and McMaster University researchers. The research team, based at the Population Health Research Institute of HHS and McMaster, studied more than 12,000 patients from 21 countries to evaluate drugs that can prevent cardiovascular […]