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The lasting impacts of youth sexual assault

There are no grey areas when it comes to sexual assault. If you've experienced any form of sexual assault, it's important to seek help. Maddie, a sexual assault survivor, shares her story with us and what her road to recovery looks like.


Treating flat head syndrome with a helmet

Flat head syndrome is fairly common, but some people are still unsure about the decision to have their child fitted for a corrective helmet. Certified Orthotist, Mike Hall, shares answers to the questions he gets from parents most often.


Cancer can’t sideline Chase

Chase from Cambridge was an active nine-year-old who was passionate about hitting home runs and scoring goals. Then he found himself unable to participate in sports because of a life-altering diagnosis.


Working together to save kids’ lives, kilometres apart

The tele-resuscitation system uses video conferencing-like technology that allows McMaster Children's Hospital to remotely coach their colleagues at Niagara Health through advanced techniques to stabilize patients as quickly as possible. Lucas was the first live case using the technology and it saved his life.


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