On his 100th birthday, a ‘heart’ felt reunion

On his 100th birthday, a ‘heart’ felt reunion

“I’ll see you on your 100th birthday.”

That’s what Dr. Andre Lamy, a cardiac surgeon at Hamilton General Hospital (HGH) promised to Jack Farr just a few days short of his 93rd birthday.

Seven years later, Dr. Lamy did exactly that.

Jack had suffered from two heart attacks many years ago, and in 2010 went to HGH for cardiac surgery. He was slightly hesitant towards the option of surgery due to his age.

“He felt that he had lived a good life, and was okay with letting nature run its course,” explains Dr. Lamy. “However, I knew that the surgery would greatly increase his quality of life.”

With support from his family, Farr went ahead with the surgery. He required a triple bypass, which was done using a beating heart “off-pump” method. In this method, the patient’s heart continues beating independently during surgery, rather than relying on a heart-lung machine, which is a safer option for patients at an older age.

The operation itself was successful, and Jack went home quickly without any complications.

Seven years later, Dr. Lamy received an invitation to his 100th birthday party.

“I couldn’t believe it! I pulled out his chart, and I had written down ‘I’ll see you on your 100th birthday’,” Dr. Lamy recalls.

Jack is still doing extremely well, and was honoured Dr. Lamy could make it to his big 100th celebration, where he and his family expressed their gratitude for the extra years they’ve been able to share together.