Patients and students unite for art fundraiser

Patients and students unite for art fundraiser

Eight-year-old Armando has been a patient in the Autism Spectrum Disorder Service at Ron Joyce Children’s Health Centre (RJCHC) for two years. Since being in the program, his father Jose has seen great improvements in Armando’s life skills.

“When Armando started therapy he was not toilet trained,” says Jose. “Thanks to the one-on-one therapy and the skills given to us as parents, Armando was toilet trained in the first two months of being in the program.”

“We have seen huge changes in Armando in our group settings.”

Armando initially struggled with the change in his routine when he switched from intense one-on-one therapy to a more group-based setting, but has since been able to adjust and flourish. He has responded well to this type of therapy and has been able to use these life skills while at school or out in the community.

Armando’s grandmother has also been a huge part of his therapy. She is actively involved to ensure that Armando’s achievements at RJCHC are carried over to his home setting.

“We have seen huge changes in Armando in our group settings,” says Courtney, Armando’s therapist at RJCHC. “This includes being able to line up, take turns and raise his hand. These are all skills that transfer nicely into the school setting. Armando has always been a good reader and his printing has improved tremendously.”

A silent auction supporting patient care

In honour of World Autism Awareness Day, the Centre hosted its third annual Silent Art Auction. The event brought together patients and students from surrounding schools who created more than 80 pieces of art, which were be sold to the highest bidder. Proceeds support the purchase of program materials and educational toys for the Autism Spectrum Disorder Service.