Health Links: Bob’s story

Before Bob met Jana, he visited his local emergency room (ER) often. Bob has multiple chronic health conditions, including problems with his heart. When he wasn’t feeling well, he turned to the ER for help. But, in many cases, the ER wasn’t the best place for him.

Through the support of Health Links – a community-based program intended to support some of the more vulnerable patients in our community who have complex health needs – Bob has found ways to better manage his health care and to avoid unnecessary trips to the ER. He works closely with his Health Links coordinator, Jana Cochrane, who helps him manage his medical appointments and other responsibilities that Bob sometimes forgot, like taking his medications.

By working closely with and truly understanding the needs of their patients, the Health Links team acts as a facilitator between the patient and health/community services. Coordinators develop customized care plans that enable and empower patients to better manage their health, with on-going support.

In Bob’s case, Jana’s support has meant fewer trips to the emergency department and a more coordinated approach to getting the type of care he needs, when he needs it.

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