An answer to his pain problem

This time last year, Darrin Laidman, host of 95.3 Fresh Radio’s morning show, was dreading a trip Florida. He and his colleagues were travelling south to host a live broadcast at Disney World. He feared the long hours of sitting and standing would trigger his pain. He was right.

“When the spasms hit, I would have to grab hold of something or sit down,” he recalls.

Last month, he made the same trip, almost pain free.

Darrin has always been active, cycling at the YMCA and regularly attending yoga classes. He sought out many different therapies for his pain, but none seemed to work. Finally, after experiencing pain and instability triggered by prolonged periods of sitting or standing, he saw the light at the end of the tunnel.

The turning point in treating his pain came when he met Dr. Vladimir Djuric at the Michael G. DeGroote Pain Clinic at McMaster University Medical Centre.

“Within five minutes, he said, ‘you have degeneration in your disc and here’s the available treatment,’” says Darrin.

“I would have to grab hold of something or sit down”

Dr. Djuric treated Darrin with injections and a procedure that burns the nerves that are causing the pain and unsteadiness. The result has been life-changing.

“It’s so nice to do something that for four years caused me pain,” Darrin says. “And now it doesn’t.”

Dr. Djuric is happy to see Darrin enjoying activities he used to dread because of pain.

“At the Pain Clinic, our goal is to help people return to doing what they love,” he says. “Darrin is a great example of that.”

Darrin will need follow up treatment twice a year to keep his pain at bay, but he’s happy to make time for that in his busy schedule.

“I count this as a victory,” he says. “I’m confident that this is going to be the treatment that works long term.”