Dorothy goes glam for research

Dorothy goes glam for research

On April 14, donors, sponsors and clinical teams enjoyed an evening of music, fantasy and fun at Hamilton Health Sciences Foundation’s Dorothy Goes Glam gala, co-presented by IBM and Mercedes-Benz Burlington.

The Foundation transformed LIUNA Station into the Land of Oz, featuring an Emerald City ballroom and characters from the classic film. Proceeds will support these four research projects:

Evaluating Usability and Feasibility of the LaparoGuard System in Surgical Procedures

Principal investigator: Dr. Niv Sne
This pilot study assesses the effectiveness of using LaparoGuard, a surgical platform that enhances a surgeon’s ability to navigate through minimally invasive procedures with greater accuracy and safety. The system employs infra-red probes to map “safety zones” around sensitive tissues and organs. LaparoGuard is used in conjunction with standard surgical tools, to which the probes are attached and tracked by the system camera. This allows surgeons to “see” the location of their tool tips relative to the safety zones, resulting in a decreased incidence of surgical error.

Supporting the Families of Adult Oncology Patients

Principal investigator: Dr. Graeme Fraser
“What will I tell my children?” is among the first questions to come up when a parent is diagnosed with cancer. This pilot project, based at Juravinski Hospital and Cancer Centre, evaluates the impact of serious illnesses on the children of adult cancer patients, as well as the feasibility of partnering with McMaster Children’s Hospital to provide consultation and support services from Child Life Specialists. The general objective of this project is to improve the quality of life for cancer patients and their families by addressing the needs of their children.

PICU Liber8: Eight Steps Towards Better Pediatric Rehabilitation

Principal investigator: Dr. Karen Choong
This study is focused on the implementation of “PICU Liber8,” an innovative bundle of practices targeted at preventing critical illness complications in children, and helping these children rehabilitate while still in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU). The objective is to optimize recovery in critically ill children and the level of care we provide, and identify strategies to enhance interprofessional team collaboration.

PICU Liber8 involves eight complementary steps to help “liberate” children from their critical illness by safely reducing sedation, allowing children to awaken and breathe comfortably, encouraging early mobilization, engaging families, and ensuring patient and family-centred care.

Preventing Frailty with Fitness

Principal investigator: Dr. Courtney Kennedy
The Fit-Frailty App is a tool for assessing frailty that can be completed by older adults, family caregivers and health care professionals. This study aims to test the Fit-Frailty App’s ability to improve the detection and measurement of frailty in routine clinical practice. Early detection is important because studies have shown that frailty can be treated successfully, especially with early intervention. Funding will support data collection and analysis, improvements to the app and educational efforts to increase and optimize its usage.

Foundation Gala

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