Zeroing in on brain surgery

Zeroing in on brain surgery

Cutting-edge technology is allowing neurosurgeons at McMaster Children’s Hospital and Hamilton General Hospital (HGH) to perform brain surgery on both children and adults with greater precision than ever before.

“The NICO Myriad is a device used to remove tumours through small incisions using minimally invasive techniques,” explains Dr. Kesava Reddy, Chief of Surgery at HGH. “Its key advantage is the small profile of the resection tip, making it invaluable for removal of tumours in small confines or areas with a very small access.”

The tool is particularly useful for deep-seated tumours that may be difficult to reach with traditional open surgery.

“we’re able to remove more of a tumour than would be possible with traditional open-surgical techniques”

“It’s more than just a cutting tool,” says pediatric neurosurgeon Dr. Sheila Singh. “It also has suction capabilities to remove tissue. It has everything that a brain surgeon needs in one instrument, allowing us to remove tumours without damaging adjacent brain structures because it’s so precise.”

The NICO Myriad reduces surgical time while improving patient outcomes.

“Because of the precision allowed by this tool, we’re able to remove more of a tumour than would be possible with traditional open-surgical techniques,” says neurosurgeon Dr. Blake Yarascavitch. “Only small incisions are required with the NICO Myriad, and when patients heal faster, they can go home sooner.”

The entire neurosurgical team is extremely grateful for the support of all donors who have helped Hamilton Health Sciences stay on the leading edge of neurosurgery with the NICO Myriad. According to the team, this is must-have technology that they are extremely fortunate to have thanks to the generosity of donors who support Hamilton Health Sciences Foundation.

The collective impact of donor gifts enables the purchase of important equipment like the NICO Myriad, which is not funded by government. Hamilton Health Sciences Foundation calls these Essentials for Excellence, as this equipment is essential to providing excellence in patient care. To read more examples of what was purchased with donor dollars, visit