Maplewood Cafe at St. Peter’s Hospital is open for business

Maplewood Cafe at St. Peter’s Hospital is open for business


St. Peter’s Hospital boasts one of the most distinct settings in the Hamilton Health Sciences family. The building itself is situated in the cozy residential neighborhood of Maplewood Avenue, stunning views of the escarpment can be seen from patient rooms and the outdoor courtyard, and a sense of calmness and serenity can be felt as soon as you walk through the sliding doors.

St. Peter’s is also home to a large number of palliative care staff and patients who are in the late stages of their lives and want to enjoy the precious days they have left with their families, friends, and care givers. So when it came time to re-visit the design of cafeteria it was imperative that the new Maplewood Café reflect the warm and open atmosphere of the individuals it serves.

“St. Peter’s is a very unique place”, says Anne Collins, director of operations, Volunteer Association, Hamilton Health Sciences. “It is important that the patients feel welcome. Many special friendships have developed with our staff and the patients. It is equally important to us that the staff have a nice environment and healthy food choices to have their well deserved breaks.”

The open concept provides accessibility for patients in wheelchairs.

“The Maplewood has an open concept to provide accessibly to the patients in wheelchairs, continues Collins. “It was designed for flexibility, customer convenience and expanded menu options.”

“The cafeteria is modern and cheerful, says Leslie Gillies, site administrator, St. Peters’ Hospital. It truly possesses a “cafe” atmosphere: non-institutional in appearance or experience. It allows individuals to relax, talk and enjoy food and refreshments in a relaxing and comforting atmosphere.”

If you haven’t had the pleasure of experiencing Maplewood café, it’s definitely worth stopping by next time you’re visiting St. Peter’s Hospital. If possible, it has elevated the feeling of caring and sense of family that permeates the walls.

“Each individual has their own challenges, responsibilities and concerns that can occupy their thoughts and day, says Gillies. “Enjoying the Maplewood café allows each of us to take a break in a relaxing and calming space , nourishing us with food and drink and a “ breather ‘ to continue in a positive and refreshed approach. We are very lucky and grateful to have this environment and service available to us at St. Peter’s Hospital.”