HHS staff support women in need

HHS staff support women in need

When Daniela Troiani, an administrative assistant at Hamilton Health Sciences (HHS), heard about The Purse Project, she knew her colleagues would be on board to help. The organization collects purses filled with necessities and distributes them to women in need. She shared the idea with her coworkers, imagining they would gather a few purses to donate, but the response well outweighed her expectations.

“Their hearts were as big as their purses.”

“It was amazing to see staff rally together,” says Daniela. “And people who weren’t able to take part this year are really eager to participate next year.”

Over the course of a few weeks, word spread across HHS sites and donations started streaming in. Some people contributed purses filled to the brim with necessities, others gave boxes filled with soap, deodorant and other personal hygiene products. In total, Daniela and her colleagues Michelle Coughlan, Michelle Stephenson and Lucy Caruso, coordinated the collection of 160 purses.

“Their hearts were as big as their purses,” noted Michelle Coughlan when they assembled everything that had been donated.

The group dropped off the massive donation last week and the organization will make sure each purse gets to a woman in need in our community. Next year, they hope to double their contribution and plan to start collecting across Hamilton Health Sciences in the early fall.