How butting out affects your body

How butting out affects your body

Ros JeurgensDid you know that your body starts to recover from the effects of tobacco just hours after you quit smoking? Or that quitting can improve the effectiveness of cancer treatments like chemotherapy or radiation?

Dr. Rosalyn Juergens, a lung, stomach and esophageal cancer specialist at Juravinski Cancer Centre, put together this handy timeline on the different health milestones your body reaches when you quit. Why not print it out and hang on your fridge as a friendly reminder!

You’ll be amazed by what your body can accomplish in just one year smoke-free!




Smoking is prohibited both indoors and outdoors on all hospital properties in Ontario, including all Hamilton Health Sciences sites. If you’re caught smoking on HHS grounds, you can receive a fine starting at $250. Click for more information on our smoke-free policy and resources to help you quit.

If you’re considering quitting, smoking cessation medications can improve your chances of butting out. Talk to your healthcare provider about creating a plan that will set you up for success.