Resilience with Yvonne Hart

Resilience with Yvonne Hart

Yvonne Hart is a registered nurse in consulting pediatrics at McMaster Children’s Hospital.

What does resilience mean to you?
To me, resilience is when a person experiences personal or work challenges or difficulties and is able to recover from them a wiser, stronger, better person. Resilience is keeping a positive attitude even in times of change. It’s the ability to get back up after being knocked down.

Why is taking care of your mind and body important to you?
Taking care of my mind and body is important to me because I think this is the key to a happy, healthy, productive life. If our mind and body are healthy then we can do our job better as a spouse, mom, sister, friend, co-worker and employee. I am a strong supporter of taking care of ourselves first—otherwise how can we take care of others.

During stressful events at work, I go talk to my colleagues and debrief.

What do you do at home to take care of yourself and improve your resilience?
At home I do many things to take care of myself, and this contributes to my resilience. That said, it has taken me years to learn to put myself first. I try to keep a good work-life balance. I love spending time with my family, and make this a priority. I like spending taking my Border Collie Roxy on long walks. I stay active by walking, golfing, doing yoga, and swimming. For relaxation I read, go in the hot tub or get a massage. I vacation as much as I can and usually go on a cruise or camping. Above all, I make sure to accept help and support when I need it and am there to offer the same back.

What do you do at work when you need to refresh?
At work I go for short walks between long periods of sitting. I try get away from my desk for lunch with my co-workers. I go outside the weather is nice—just seeing the sunshine uplifts me. I take the stairs at every opportunity I can, just to add a little extra activity throughout my day. During stressful events at work, I go talk to my colleagues and debrief. I also take advantage of the Wellness Centre for an exercise class after work when I am able and attend Lunch and Learn activities through Shine.