Stroke program improves transfer times between units

Stroke program improves transfer times between units

We’re introducing a new series to shine the spotlight on our growing list of people making improvements to their unit, and to HHS as a whole, after implementing CQI.

Since January 2016, there have been 426 improvements from active units.

Here are 5 things to know about Danielle Jerome and the improvement she brought to her unit.

Nurse pushing a wheelchair on hospital unit


Danielle has worked with patients for almost three years. She’s a registered nurse on 7 South in the Integrated Stroke Program at General Hospital.

The problem

The program’s physical layout sometimes creates challenging situations when it comes to patient transfers. Patients were not being transferred from acute to rehab in their assigned wheelchair.

With a time lag in acquiring a wheelchair in rehab, Danielle’s team had to find a way to improve this flow.

Though some patients are more mobile, patients in the rehab unit needed their mobility device to access the dining area, which is further away from their beds.

CQI gave me an opportunity to help empower our staff to address these problems.

Wide shot of patient dining room in hospital

The components

After an A3 was developed, the root cause identified a need for standard work to ensure all patients who required a wheelchair were transferred properly.

Some process observation was also used to make sure the solution was sustainable.

“This was an issue that had been percolating for some time,” said Danielle. “CQI gave us the opportunity to find a good solution.”

The impact

The overall patient experience has improved – transfers from acute to rehab are quicker. Staff are not hunting down wheelchairs as frequently giving them more time to deliver quality care.

Many in the unit embraced this needed improvement.

“No matter how small, our people notice this level of change and become hopeful positive changes will continue,” said Danielle.

“CQI has helped me develop as a charge nurse. When I first stepped into the role, I thought it was my responsibility to solve all the problems that came to me. CQI gave me an opportunity to help empower our staff to address these problems.”

Close-up shot of wheelchair with "7S" stamp


“Try the simple solution first. Don’t get too wrapped up in the details and challenges.”