We are Explorers


Making life better for joint replacement patients.


Finding a way to give all kids the same start to life


Revolutionizing how we provide care, in and out of hospital.


A discovery that will save lives after surgery.

We are explorers.

Every day at Hamilton Health Sciences, we explore the possibility to make life better for people in our community and around the world. We’re a diverse group of doctors, nurses, academics and health professionals who share this common goal, and our patients are at the heart of every exploration we make.

Follow us on our journey of discovery. Scroll onward to read our stories.

Our Stories

Michael McGillion, Nurse Scientist, Explorer
July 16, 2018

From hospital to home

Imagine having a major surgery and being able to go home only days later. We know that people recover better in their own surroundings, where they’re most comfortable. But, there’s…

Dr. Alexandra Papaioannou by the YMCA swimming pool
June 28, 2018

Pre-surgery program for better post-surgery results

Age hasn’t slowed Annette Atwood down. She’s never been one to sit around in front of the TV, even now in her 70’s, unless perhaps if Wimbledon is on. When…

Dr. Terry Bennett, child psychiatrist, Explorer, making the race fair lead researcher
June 27, 2018

Making the Race Fair

In 2015 Sonja Baker’s family grew from three to five when she gave birth to twin girls. Even as newborns the twins, August and Violet, had very different personalities, but…

An HHS geriatrician meeting with a patient
June 26, 2018

Helping people age better

We’re living longer than ever before, and that’s a good thing. But, are we aging well? Our researchers are exploring ways to help people live better, longer by tackling aging…

researcher analyzing a brain scan after a stroke
June 22, 2018

Creating a world without stroke

For decades, our teams have been tackling stroke head-on. Their discoveries have set the compass for how we treat and prevent stroke worldwide. Cutting stroke in half Can you imagine…

researcher and lab technician in the lab
June 22, 2018

Leading thrombosis care

Hamilton Health Sciences and McMaster University are the epicenter of thrombosis research in Canada and the world. Through their ground breaking discoveries, our experts have set the global standards for…

Researcher and lab technician removing study samples from a nitrogen tank in the biobank
June 22, 2018

Preventing disease, everywhere

One third of all global deaths are caused by heart attacks and strokes, and most of them in lower income countries. We’re finding solutions to prevent these deadly diseases –…

Surgeon performing open heart surgery
June 22, 2018

Making surgery safer

The last one hundred years have seen life-saving advancements in surgery. Still, it’s not without its risks. Our researchers are leading a new wave of exploration aimed at making surgery…

Dr. Devereaux, Researcher, Explorer
April 30, 2018

This discovery will save lives after surgery

Researchers at Hamilton Health Sciences have discovered that a blood-thinning drug, dabigatran, significantly reduces the risk of death, heart attack, stroke, and other heart or blood-vessel complications in patients following…

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